To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow - Maya Angelou

Sunday, 26th of March is the really lovely day of Mums where we all get the chance to spoil those amazing women who are the mothers in our lives. Whether its your own Mum who has cried and laughed with you from the day you entered the world or your other halfs mother who is that soldier who magically appears when you have missed so many nights sleep with a toddler or perhaps you are still lucky enough to have a grandmother or 2 in your life who really love seeing your smile lighten up their day as they see spring in the garden again. And then there are those wonderful ladies who might as well be Mums for you with the help, guidance and love that they provide in work and life & who deserve that treat too.

As florists we love this time of year. We get to make pocket money pressies for the kids to buy with Dad on the Saturday morning in the shop, we get to see the teenagers rumble around in their pocket for spare change to buy their Nana a plant in her favourite shade of Estee Lauder pink and then our drivers are lucky enough to see the beams when a special Mum opens her front door to see a pretty Mothers Day gift so filled with flowers, sentiment and love.

Here's a selection of the various Love your Mum gifts that we can create and deliver for you over the Mother's Day weekend. There are lots of great ideas but please do let us know if you would prefer different colours or flowers sent for you. All you see here can be ordered in our online shop : or please email us at or call us on 6602089. We are delivering all day Saturday and then Sunday uptil lunchtime so your Mother's Day gift can be given the day you would love it to be given...

Or...please come and see all we have in our Drury Street shop where we will have lots of pickup posies, stylishly planted spring bulbs and plants, stunning flower books, garden tools and some of the most gorgeous candles we have ever come across.

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And as always, thank you for the Appassionata love this Mother's Day.

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